Quingo Scooters Are The Safest Mobility Scooters On The Market

We hold multiple worldwide patents for the Quintell™ Technologies used in Quingo models that combine to make users safer, more comfortable and more confident. Quingo scooters are extensively tested for safety and agility. You can safely take pavements and sharp bends in your stride. Quingo scooters simply perform excellently in all kinds of traffic situations! So if you’re looking for a safe mode of transport to explore your freedom again then book yourself a free test drive today.

Are Quingo Scooters The Safest Mobility Scooters?

There are many factors that make a Quingo scooter a valuable purchase for ultimate safety. All 5 wheel Quingo scooters come with safety as standard, all our road use vehicles have a full road legal lighting pack making sure you are fully visible when out on the road during hours of low light. Daytime running lights automatically turn on which is a great safety feature that ensures Quingo scooters are always highly visible. If you are out at night or dusk you can switch on the main headlight 

and rear lights at the back of the vehicle. When you start to slow down or go to stop, a reversing light will also be illuminated to warn people behind you; therefore increasing your safety when on the roads. 

Rearview camera

An additional safety feature of our scooters is the use of a rearview camera that is continuously on so that you can always see exactly what is happening behind you. This is convenient and safe for using your scooter in busy traffic situations or even crowded pedestrian areas allowing you to avoid all collisions. The rearview camera is optional for the Toura2 and the Vitess2. This modern feature is only available at Quingo!

Suspension for maximum comfort 

The Quingo Toura2 comes with a unique long travel suspension system to the rear of the vehicle that is adjustable so you can get a softer or harder ride by adjusting the settings. This is adjustable to your weight and preferences for optional suspension and comfort. These will help the scooter absorb energy and reduce the impact that any imperfections of the terrain have on your body.

The Kerbmaster

Quingo scooters are designed to climb kerbs at 45 degrees. The smaller wheels drive the other wheels up the curb smoothly and safely. You can ascend the kerb at an angle and then use Quingo’s agile manoeuvrability so that you can turn tightly and easily carry on your journey. In addition, Quingo’s patented Kerb Master means that our scooters cannot get stuck when descending a kerb or off an obstacle, unlike any other mobility scooter. This adds just another level of safety for a Quingo scooter driver.

what's the safest scooter to buy?

What’s the safest scooter to buy?

Quingo has always and will continue to, make our scooters as safe as possible leaving you able to relax and enjoy the journey. This starts on the Quingo Toura2 from its energy absorbing bumper. Accidents can happen and for these incidents, your bumper will absorb the energy and reduce the impact and potential damage. The retractable seat belt, the rear braking lights, combined with the daytime running lights ensure you enjoy maximum safety. All Quingo scooters have been extensively tested for safety on pavements and sharp corners, and have always been the best. 

The Toura2 has 10 inch front wheels and 12 inch rear wheels which give it a kerb climbing capacity of up to 4 inches. You will find the Toura2 may well be one of the safest scooters on the market that you can buy. The Quingo Toura2 offers the versatility not found in traditional scooters with its amazing handling, superior safety and comfort all in a single mobility scooter. 

The Quingo 5 wheel advantage 

Three and four wheel scooters are far less safe than Quingo 5 wheel scooters. This is because they lack stability so can therefore topple over much more easily. The enhanced 5 wheel design feature allows Quingo scooters to use far less space when making a tight turn – without fear of tipping or falling, all whilst allowing enhanced control when negotiating dips and bumps. Ideal indoors or out, it can be used around your local neighbourhood, for shopping trips or even for a stroll in the park. 

Due to our experience in this industry, we know the British designed and world patented range of 5 wheel Quingo mobility scooters come with a stream of benefits that cannot be found on any other traditional 3 or 4 wheel mobility scooter. This means it is our inventions that set us apart. Our technologies are patented which means they can’t be copied – so try the 5 wheel Quingo advantage. This is why we believe that Quingo scooters are the safest mobility scooters on the market.

Frazer Nash Agility and Stability Analysis

Our dedicated design team here at Quingo commissioned Frazer Nash (https://www.fnc.co.uk/), a world-class engineering technology organisation to conduct agility and stability analysis comparing a selection of traditional three wheel scooters to Quingo’s scooters and concluded with the following: 

  •  The 5 wheel Quingo remains stable on the flat and on inclines at significantly higher velocities than their 3 wheel counterparts.
  • They were also able to descend notably higher kerbs without tipping.

Therefore they concluded that a Quingo scooter is safer than any 3 wheel competitor.

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