Portable Mobility Scooters – There may be more choice than you think

Portable mobility scooters come in various shapes and sizes. The most usual is the small scooter but even large scooters can be portable with the right adaptations to your vehicle.
So, let’s look in to the options and explore just what is available and which configurations may suit you best.

The most obvious choice for portable mobility scooters in the Quingo range are the Ultra and the self-loading Flyte.

These two models offer two very distinct solutions to the need for portable mobility scooters and how you will use them.

The Ultra is a take-apart car boot scooter that can be broken down in to small, easily lifted parts either for storage or transport in almost any car.

The Flyte could arguably be the most portable of all mobility scooters with its ability to self-load in to hatchbacks or SUVs in under sixty seconds with no need for any heavy lifting, of any kind, by you. The Flyte is ideally suited for the scooter owner who has difficulty with lifting but who still wishes to enjoy an active lifestyle and loves getting out and being independent.

“I’m very pleased with my Flyte and together with the docking station, it’s an amazing piece of kit. It certainly attracts a lot of interest.” – Mr Stewart

Even our largest models are more than capable of being transported in the right kind of vehicle, such as an estate car, due to their folding tillers and removable seats. Though you will need a set of ramps we can easily supply you a set once we have made sure which ones will be right for your needs. As you can see in the picture below our Plus model fits easily, with its ramps in the back of the smallest Mercedes estate.

even our larger models are poratble mobility scooters

Alternatively, you could add a hoist to your car and for this we would strongly advise getting a specialist company to assess your vehicle and tell them the scooter dimensions weight etc. you intend to transport in the vehicle before ordering a scooter. If this is the route you wish to take we can recommend a well established and reputable company to carry out this work for you.

Vitess in WAV

If you own a wheelchair accessible vehicle already, or intend to purchase one, you may not even need to fold the tiller or remove the seat as can be seen here with our Vitess loaded in to the back of an adapted people carrier.

Even our Toura can be transported

Even our very largest model, the Toura2, can be used with a WAV and, with the 55mile range on offer, you will find nearly no limits as to where you can travel and you not even need to use your car at all!

If you tell us that you would like to try loading any of our scooter models in to a car or WAV please tell us when you book your free test drive and we will make sure to do our best to try it during your demonstration.

All of the scooters in the Quingo range offer you the unique, worldwide patented Quintell™ Technologies that give you comfort, agility, safety that you will not find in any portable mobility scooters other than ours.

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