Our Lightest Mobility Scooter

The lightest mobility scooter in the Quingo range is easily our Ultra model and, with its ability to be taken apart in to lightweight individual components, it has proved extremely popular with those wishing to transport their scooter in a car boot.

The Ultra was designed from the outset to improve on the experience gained with our previous portable car boot scooters, the Air and Air2 and to be the lightest mobility scooter we have ever offered. As take-apart scooters, the individual components of these scooters could be much lighter and, because you were not lifting the entire scooter, they were also far less bulky, making them easier to lift in the first place.

So, we already had a great design but we wanted to make it lighter without compromising on strength or performance.

Straight away we decided we wanted to equal the range offered by the Air2 with its range extender, which we did with four batteries now being standard. We also moved the batteries back to allow you to benefit from even more of the extra foot-room our Quintell™ Posture Control System allows. In addition to this we decided we wanted to allow the option to charge your batteries off the vehicle, this is achieved with the Off Vehicle Charging Box. This charges two batteries at a time allowing you to continue using your scooter with two batteries while the other two are charging, it is also handy if you have problems accessing a charging point or while you are on holiday.

Our lightest mobility scooter offers off vehicle charging

In order to reduce weight, we decided to use different, lighter materials for constructing the scooter. The chassis has been manufactured using aluminium, which substantially reduces weight while maintaining strength and rigidity. The bodywork is now lightweight ABS and features our signature silver paint so, the Ultra has great looks to match its performance.

We also wanted to improve the safety features available and to this end we have fitted LED front and rear lights to increase your visibility at night.

So, the Ultra is the lightest mobility scooter we can offer you?

Well yes and no. The very lightest mobility scooter we can offer you would be one you don’t have to lift at all!

The unique self-loading Flyte with Mk2 Docking Station eliminates weight as a factor all together by loading into, and unloading itself from, your car, in under 60 seconds, at the press of a button. This allows you to have the ultimate in a car portable mobility while still being able to offer big scooter performance.

Both the Ultra and Flyte will offer you far better performance, stability, comfort and kerb handling that lightweight, small scooters can’t even begin to match.

Finally, the other thing you may actual find out when you try out different types of scooters, is that the right scooter for you may not actually be the lightest mobility scooter you can find.

Though a large proportion of our initial enquiries are from people wanting to try out our portable mobility scooters, many decide during their test drives that our best-selling model, the Vitess2, is actually the best scooter for their day to day needs.

The Vitess2 offers fantastic range and superior comfort which makes it perfect for getting around doing errands, visiting your doctor and doing your shopping.

We think that before you decide you need the lightest mobility scooter you can buy, that you try a range of scooters to find out if there is something better for you.

Trying out our scooter range, at your home, costs nothing and there is no obligation to buy so you have nothing to lose in taking the opportunity to make an informed choice. You also get the chance to test the scooter where you will actually be using it!

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