Love Your Lungs Week 2022

What is the British Lung Foundation?

quingo love your lungs week

The British Lung Foundation is the UK registered charity that concerns itself with the nation’s lungs. It aims to bring about a day when everyone can breathe clean air with healthy lungs. At the heart of this organisation is its research into lung conditions. With the aim to improve care as well as prevent, treat and cure lung diseases. Support is also provided for those who are suffering from lung disease. There is a helpline, support groups and a web community. Information that is easy to understand is also freely available.

rear mounted oxygen cylinder carrying bag

  Rear Mounted Oxygen Cylinder Carrying Bag

At Quingo we know that many of you who are seeking a mobility scooter may also have other health conditions other than mobility issues, which is why we have made scooter accessories to assist you and your needs.
Those of you who need to carry an oxygen cylinder with you on your mobility device will be all too familiar with how cumbersome these can be. Often these will end up cluttering the available foot space on your scooter, thereby causing discomfort to you either through the cylinder knocking into your legs and feet, or just causing your foot space to be unnecessarily cramped. Additionally, the tank and regulator will be at considerable risk of being knocked off and damaged. Placing your oxygen tank in the foot space means the tubes will also have long runs and will be near the mechanism of your seat where they could potentially become crushed, severed or worn away over time. This placing also means the tubes that travel up to your face have the potential to get tangled around your legs and arms. This could make driving the vehicle difficult, or even quite dangerous, and there is the additional threat of accidentally pulling your mask away from your face.
These will no longer be problems you have to endure as we have designed an oxygen cylinder carrying bag that is rear mounted so it can be placed comfortably behind the seat of the scooter. Our carrying bag allows you to securely mount your oxygen cylinder to the rear of your scooter seat, a much more practical and safer location for it. This positioning allows your breathing tubes to be routed over the back of the seat, meaning they never have to get in the way of your legs or arms, will be under minimal to no strain and are not near components that could potentially damage them. The placement of the bag and tubes means the oxygen tank and the scooter are both protected and working to their full capacity. It also means that you are able to have the safest and most comfortable ride possible.

What is the Aim of Breathe Easy Week?

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of lung conditions. Together with raising funds for vital research. It also raises money for the support and campaigning work the foundation undertakes. Don’t be left to suffer and fight for every breath.

fight for clean air with quingo

Thousands of people across the UK are fighting for clean air, will you join them?

At Quingo our scooters are fully electric so are more sustainable than running a car, which is why our class 3 road scooters are the ideal car replacement. As we are all aware, we need to take care of our planet and all play our part in creating a more sustainable world. The major benefit of electric vehicles is the contribution that they can make towards improving air quality. Pure electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions when in use. This reduces air pollution considerably. Quingo scooters are fully electric so no carbon emissions are produced when in use, helping to improve the air quality in your local area. 

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