Folding vs Dismantling Scooters, Which Is Best?

 What is the Best Way To Transport A Mobility Scooter?

folding vs dismantling

At Quingo, we have two scooters within our range that can be easily transported, the ultra that can be dismantled, and the flyte that can fold. You may be wondering how to get the scooters in and out of the car once you have dismantled or folded them… there are many techniques that you can get your scooter in and out of the car including: lifting, a hoist, docking ramps or even a powerlifter. At quingo we believe that lifting a whole scooter at once will be too much strain on your back, if you are able to lift a scooter, then it is probably very lightweight and not sturdy enough to be used safely. So that’s why we came up with the following transport solutions…

Quingo ultra

The Quingo Ultra 

The quingo ultra can be fully taken apart, which means it’s fully portable. It is the perfect mobility scooter when space is an issue, since it is dismantlable it means it is also easy to store as it takes up less space. So if you’re thinking that storage is a problem for a mobility scooter, just think about that cupboard under your stairs or your garden shed! The Ultra has the ideal power and range for outdoors, as well as indoor use around your home since this scooter is highly versatile.

 As it is made out of aluminium you can easily dismantle and load this scooter into the boot of even small cars in just 60 seconds. The heaviest element weighs just 17kg and can be manoeuvred using the built-in handle. Dismantling and assembly are both efficient and swift, you will appreciate the blend of comfort, performance and portability. 

Another option for the quingo ultra is using a hoist, these can be found from many retailers online and are a great solution for getting your class 2 boot scooter into your car without lifting a finger!

The quingo ultra has many features other than being super easy to transport! With its maximum speed of 4mph, 2-inch kerb climbing ability, 18 miles travelling range and maximum carrying capacity of 21stone.

Only Quingo has scooters equipped with a unique 5-wheel stability system. This enhanced design feature allows Quingo scooters to use far less space when making a tight turn – without fear of tipping or falling, all whilst allowing enhanced control when negotiating dips and bumps. Another way we have made our scooters so safe is with Quingo’s patented Kerb Master means that our scooters cannot get beached descending a kerb or off an obstacle, unlike any other mobility scooter.

Quingo Flyte

The quingo flyte

The 5 wheel self lifting portable scooter with big scooter performance. The Quingo Flyte mobility scooter remotely loads and unloads in under 60 seconds with its unique removable docking station which fits most standard hatchback cars. The dock also incorporates clever lightweight loading ramps, and with a simple two-button remote control your scooter powers itself out of your car. No heavy lifting or dismantling is required and the entire weight of the scooter is fully supported!

The flytes features also include a 4mph maximum speed, 3-inch kerb climbing ability, 34-mile range and a 35 stone maximum carrying capability. But the benefits of this scooter don’t stop here…

The flyte is equipped with the same 5 wheel technology and safety features as the ultra but is even easier to transport around with its very own docking system. Both scooters have fully adjustable seats that can be adjusted in depth, height and width to offer full ergonomic posture control. By reducing stress on your back, hips, knees and ankle joints you can enjoy even the longest journeys. The comfort from our scooters doesn’t stop there! Quingo is the only range of mobility scooters that features adaptive footplates and allows for full ergonomic posture control, affording exceptional comfort, even on those lengthy excursions. The feet forward configuration of Quingo allows customers of a loftier stature, and those who may suffer from joint stiffness, to ride comfortably.

For those of you who may use your scooter indoors or out, it can be used around your local neighbourhood, for shopping trips or even for a stroll in the park, you may find a use for storage on your scooter too, the Flyte has two baskets, as well as the deep underseat shopping basket the Quingo Flyte is also supplied with large front shopping basket mounted on the chassis rather than the steering tiller. This means the baskets can be fully loaded without affecting the steering. 

Enjoy unparalleled agility, comfort and manoeuvrability with the Quingo Flyte. With our free test drive, you can experience just how good a Quingo feels for yourself.

So the question still stands, what would you prefer a folding or dismantling scooter? If you would like to find out for yourself you can book a FREE no-obligation test drive outside of your home and around your local area on all of the scooters from our range. At Quingo we believe we have a scooter to suit everyone! Book a test drive today!

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