Disability Scooters – Time to Think Differently

When many people think of “disability scooters” they are short-sightedly viewing them as something that the user is lacking, rather than a device that is enabling a full and varied life.

We pride ourselves on the transformation we can witness our so called “disability scooters” making, on a daily basis, for so many. In making tasks and pleasurable pass-times, that would previously have been beyond reach, easily attainable once more, they are among the greatest weapons we have for overcoming disability.

But don’t just take our word for it, we often hear how owners of our scooters have found independence and their freedom when they join the Quingo family.

“I’m very happy with my purchase which has made a huge difference. I’ve been to my supermarket and church and I’ve been to places I’ve never been to before due to my disability.” Mr. Harcourt

Our scooters offer fantastic adaptability in their standard form and many of you will find that the options available, through our bespoke setup, will leave you in greater comfort than you would think possible.

Our Quintell™ Posture Control System comprises a holistic grouping of distinctive elements that combine to make a scooter that is arguably the most adaptable scooter you can have the pleasure of using.

From the front of the scooter, where you will find our Active Tri-Wheel Steering, to the Floating Adaptive Footplates, through the generous, up to 80% more than a four wheeled equivalent, extra foot-space it creates, to the fully adjustable seats and tillers with self-centring steering you will find every element working in symphony to offer you an ergonomic seating position that adds up to just one thing, supreme comfort!

Think ABILITY not disability scooters

Another feature of our seats that, for example, leg amputees will find very useful is their ability to swivel, making getting in and out of the scooter far easier.

We also provide many useful accessories designed to adapt our scooters to specific needs in a fuss free, efficient manner.

A great example of this is our rear mounted oxygen carrying bag that allows a far more convenient, and secure, place to house your breathing apparatus should you have a condition like COPD.

“It’s magic and it’s making a big difference! Although it’s less than a mile to the village, with my COPD I was always having to sit down if I walked but with the scooter I no longer struggle.” Mr Dawson

By mounting it on the rear of the seat you no longer need to find a storage area for your oxyegen bottle and regulator, which often end up in the way of your feet and legs in most cases. This positioning eradicates the issue of potential damage to breathing tubes and also the risk of your arms or legs getting tangled in them.

We additionally can supply accessories to hold walking sticks and crutches if you have need to carry them like our rear shopping bag and crutch holder.

However, we are realistic and know there are many conditions that will need specialist alterations to make a scooter functional. We are more than happy to undertake any customisation possible, such as alteration for one handed operation, to make our scooters fit your needs, just as long as it is safe and will not interfere with the normal operation of the scooter.

If we feel that we cannot safely make an adaptation we will tell you as part of our commitment to your wellbeing.

With our extensive experience of the myriad conditions that can be markedly improved by the use of an appropriate mobility device, we work with you, every step of the way in your journey back to independence.

From the moment you contact us and talk to our helpful call centre staff, through your consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable advisors to making your order, with any customisations and adaptations you may require, you can be assured we are listening to your wants and needs and that we are totally focused on delivering the very best mobility scooter for you.

So much more than disability scooters. A Quingo being adapted to specific needs

This attention to detail is further complimented by the highly skilled technicians in our factory where your scooter is configured and assembled to exacting standards.

Once your scooter is ready for you a dedicated engineer will deliver your scooter and a bespoke setup will be undertaken with you while ensuring any and all adaptations are fully functioning for you.

”The scooter is perfect. It’s making such a difference, I am going to places again which I haven’t visited for years.” Mr Van Der Westhuizen

Our commitment to addressing as many needs as possible lead us to develop the self-loading Flyte. The Flyte is perfect for anyone who want to carry a scooter in their car but whose condition makes heavy lifting impossible, by loading itself at the touch of a button the Flyte eliminates any heavy lifting meaning you can enjoy your scooter anywhere with little or no effort.

When we are asked about disability scooters we prefer to view them as scooters that enable!

On behalf of her husband, Mrs Standen said – “David absolutely loves the scooter; it’s given him his independence back. It is wonderful for him just to be able to get out of the house again and do things by himself for the first time in a long time. It’s perfect!”

So, instead of thinking about resigning yourself to the idea of disability scooters, why not open your world up with an ABILITY scooter from the Quingo range!



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