Quingo Blog

9th March 2021

Red Wheelies In Action At Hadrian’s Wall

Presenter at Tyne Tees has a go on a five wheel mobility scooter Quingo Classic as members of Britains one and only Scooter Formation Display Team – the Red Wheelies – geared up for their… Read more

The Red Wheelies On The Michael Ball Show

The Red Wheelies on Quingo Plus’s here talk to Michael Ball about their work and their life with MS, The Mobility Scooter Display Team all have MS and perform around the country to raise positive… Read more

Quingo Flyte – The World’s First 5 Wheel Portable That You Don’t Lift Or Dismantle

Introducing the all new Quingo Flyte and Docking Station. For the first time ever, a portable mobility system that offers big scooter performance and the 5 wheel advantage and all without having to lift heavy… Read more

Quingo – Introducing The Very Portable ‘Self-loading’ Quingo Flyte And In-car Docking Station System

Transport the Flyte and its removable Docking Station in most small hatchbacks or estate cars, without modifications or tools, safely and securely. Enjoy freedom and independence like never before.

An Introduction To Quingos – World’s First Five Wheel Scooter

See our range of scooters from the Quingo Classic, Plus, Sport and Air – it’s amazing what we’re able to provide with quintell technology – the world’s first five-wheeled mobility scooter

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