Quingo Blog

10th March 2021

Synchronised Scooters: Red Wheelies Hit the Road!

The Red Wheelies practice for their next challenge on their 5 wheel Quingo fleet.

Quingo Kerbs In The Snow

The Toura and Plus making easy work of kerbs in the snow.. I nearly slid over while recording this. Should have used a Quingo!

Red Wheelies Begin Their Journey

ITV Tyne Tees caught up with the Red Wheelies back in May as their 84-mile trek on five wheel mobility scooters progressed along Hadrian’s Wall

Sandy Leaves Emmerdale

We are sad to see Sandy leave but the good news is he can get a Quingo in Australia!

Stay Connected To Your Community – Sandy Thomas Does It On 5 Wheels!

One of the many advantages of Quingo ownership is the social side. Everybody likes to stay in touch with goings on in their town or village and keep up with the latest goings on.

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