Quingo Mobility Safe Use Guide

As the world’s only manufacturers of 5 wheel mobility scooters, Quingo is committed to creating market leading products for their customers. We have put together a Quingo mobility safe use guide to help our customers.

With a total of 6 models of scooter in the Quingo 5 wheel range, our range of mobility scooters means that there is a scooter for every need.

Are you new to owning a scooter? Are you thinking about buying one and would like to know more about using one?

You may already own a scooter but, due to recent events, have not have been using it and need a refresher.

As well as the many safety features that set our 5 wheel mobility scooters apart from other designs we also offer training both during your free demonstration and test drive and when you take delivery of your scooter, as well as a bespoke setup, you will undergo comprehensive training and testing before you will be awarded our ROSPA compliant Blue Diamond Driver Check Award.

Blue Diamond Driver Check

Quingo Mobility safe use guide for safe and considerate use of your scooter

Are you getting on a scooter for the first time? Make sure you know how your scooter works. How to accelerate, speed and brake. Also know how to take a turn, go up and down a sidewalk, and so on. This increases your safety when you drive a scooter.

First thing make sure you know how all the controls work with particular attention to your accelerator and overall speed control (on 4/8mph capable models). Quingos feature automatic regenerative braking as standard which should be more than adequate for almost any occasion and most models also have the Smartbumper™ which, when activated, also acts as an emergency brake when any collision happens to the front of the mobility scooter, however it is also worth knowing about the function of the emergency brake. All details such as this can be found in the Quingo Mobility Safe Use Guide.

Quingo Smartbumper making using your scooter safer


Familiarise yourself with the use of buttons or dials and their function on your dash such as horn, indicators and light switches. Be aware of the what you dash is telling you as well.

Know how freewheel and drive modes are set on your particular model.

Check all lights and indicators are fully functional before using your scooter.

Ensure your scooter is fully charged before your journey.

Did you know that unlike 3 and 4 wheeled designs Quingo 5 wheeled scooters can safely climb kerbs at up to a 45° angle?


Considerate and safe use of your mobility scooter is vital for the wellbeing not only of yourself but those around you.

You should be fully aware of the laws surrounding the use of your particular type of mobility scooter.

With a mobility scooter you may drive on pavements, cycle paths and, with a class 3, road legal, scooter on the road. Class 3 scooters can be used on dual carriageways, though we recommend avoiding them where the speed limit is above 50mph, as long as an appropriate amber flashing safety light is attached.

You must not use cycle lanes or bus lanes.

Use of a mobility scooter on motorways is strictly prohibited.

You must be sure to restrict the speed of an 8mph scooter to 4mph when using it on paved and pedestrian areas. Your scooter should be set in the 8mph mode for use on highways.

Class 2 pavement scooters are restricted to 4mph pavement use. There are exceptions to this such as crossing roads, roads with no paved area and if you need to pass an obstacle on the pavement.


Always stay on the left-hand side as much as possible on the roadway or pavement. This way you give others enough space to pass you. Pedestrians always have right of way.

When overtaking either a pedestrian or obstacle on the road always look over your shoulder to see if the way is clear. If your scooter has mirrors or a rear-view camera use this to check thoroughly before you manoeuvre.

Clearly signal with your indicator your intention to pass.

The Same applies to turning left or right.

Always pull to the left of the road check your mirrors and ahead to make sure the road is clear then signal, check once again then turn. If other vehicles are present make absolutely sure they are aware of you, the best way to achieve this is with eye contact. If you are in doubt it is better to wait until you are sure you are safe to move. Be aware that other vehicles have blind spots so exercise caution at all times.

We recommend extra caution at junctions and that if possible, you plan any route to avoid roundabouts as they offer significantly higher risk to small vehicles.


Even on a clear day a scooter is a smaller vehicle so we advise keeping your lights on and where possible wear high visibility clothing.

We also offer hi-viz accessories for your scooter.


We recommend you make your first trip out a short one in an area you are familiar with and maybe know people.

Pre-Plan your route and stick to it. Take this trip away from high traffic areas and during peak traffic times like rush hour.

If possible, get a family member or close friend/carer to accompany you. If this is not possible make sure you have your mobile phone with you and it is fully charged. If for any reason you may need to choose a new route or get lost an app like google maps can help you get home.


We advise that you never have valuable items in the basket of your scooter. They are easier to forget and easily stolen.

When you are confident you know the controls and have prepared yourself fully it’s time to take your first voyage!

The Quingo Advantage – Quingo Mobility Safe Use Guide

Unlike traditional 3 or 4 wheel scooters, every Quingo scooter comes with the same core benefits and advantages of stability, agility, safety and comfort, we call this the 5 wheel advantage; making them probably the safest, most comfortable and agile scooters you can buy.

Only Quingo 5 Wheel Scooters can offer you the following world wide patented designs covering the Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System.

Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel steering offers fantastic agility and an optimal turning circle allowing you to access areas you would otherwise be unable to. It also gives superb stability so you scooter is safer and more comfortable, in addition to this Quingo scooters are the only scooters that can climb kerbs at up to a 45° angle making finding a place to mount a kerb much easier and therefore safer.

Tri-Wheel Steering offers another significant advantage in that it offers up to 80% more foot space that you will find on equivalent 4 wheel scooters, giving massively increased comfort and improved circulation in your legs. All this is achieved while maintaining similar turning circles to 3 Wheel scooters but avoiding the inherent instability 3 wheeled models suffer from.

The added comfort afforded by this extra space extra space is further enhanced by our Quintell™ Posture Control System. Adaptive footplates allow even greater precision in both the length and angle your feet are position in on your scooter. Our seats offer a wide range of adjustments for greater ergonomic position and the fully adjustable, self-levelling tiller and self-centering Steering mean our scooters adapt to you for optimal comfort.

When dismounting from a kerb it is common for other scooters to become stuck or beached, Quingo scooters overcome this problem with Kerbmaster™ Powered Anti-Grounding. This ingenious device doubles up as an anti-tip system automatically engages when the rear wheels touch the kerb and the main drive wheels are not touching the ground. At this point the drive function of Kerbmaster™ is engaged smoothly moving the scooter on to the main drive wheels once more. This effectively removes the danger associated with getting stuck on a kerb.

The Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System and forward sitting position offer superb stability allowing you to use your scooter in safety on rougher surfaces and uneven slopes that some other scooters just cannot manage



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