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How Can a Scooter Help During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

With the need to observe social distancing you may ask

“Why do I need a mobility scooter at this time?”

The answer to this is that a scooter by its very nature keeps you independent, allowing you to travel alone for important trips such as to the shops or to pick up essential medicines when you need to, without having to rely on others. As such a scooter may be a vital lifeline and make going out much safer than other ways you may have to use otherwise.

All our scooters are easy to clean so you can make sure you remain safe.

A scooter also allows you get out of the house on your own to get some sun and a bit of fresh air, maybe walk your dog.

So why a 5 wheel scooter as opposed to a 3 or 4 wheel model?

It is simple really our unique 5 wheeled design gives the agility of 3 wheels while offering the stability of a 4 wheel scooter. Additionally, all of our scooters can safely climb kerbs at a 45 degree angle, which is something you advised strongly against on 3 or 4 wheeled scooters, making finding a place to get on to a kerb safer and easier.

The other serious advantage the five wheel configuration offers is comfort due to improved posture and the extra foot space which is up to 80% than an equivalent 4 wheel scooter.

You can watch some movies about all the ways a Quingo can benefit you here.

When you have used your scooter as all of our scooters can fold up or take apart you can neatly store it ready for the next time you need it. In the case of our Air2 and Flyte models these are also fully transportable. With the Flyte self-loading in under 60 seconds with no heavy lifting on your part and with the all new and improved MK2 docking station the Flyte just got even better!

With the roads and pavements empty there may not be a better time to try a scooter so why not take advantage of our free home demo or just buy a scooter direct from our online shop?

We still recommend that you take no unnecessary trips but if you do make sure it is on a safe and reliable scooter!