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Quingo 5 Wheel Comfort

Our 5 wheel design and Quintell™ Technologies offer outstanding comfort.

Quingo Five Wheel Manoeuvrability

We put some cameras on our largest mobility scooter, the Toura 2, to demonstrate the agility allowed by our 5 wheel design for one of the most common uses of a scooter, shopping.

Your Quingo Test Drive

Join the ever growing Quingo family with your own free home demonstration and test drive.

Quingo Kerb Handling

Our 5 wheel design makes for superb and safe kerb handling at up to a 45° angle and our KerbMaster™ anti-tip anti-beach solution means you never get stuck when dismounting from a kerb. 

Quingo Off Road Performance

A demo of the Quingo Toura 2, Vitess 2 & Plus models off road.

Synchronised Scooters: Red Wheelies Hit the Road!

The Red Wheelies practice for their next challenge on their 5 wheel Quingo fleet.

Quingo Kerbs In The Snow

The Toura and Plus making easy work of kerbs in the snow.. I nearly slid over while recording this. Should have used a Quingo!

Red Wheelies Begin Their Journey

ITV Tyne Tees caught up with the Red Wheelies back in May as their 84-mile trek on five wheel mobility scooters progressed along Hadrian’s Wall

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