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Quingo – Discover The Advanced 5 Wheel Quingo Mobility Scooter Range

All Quingos come with an advanced 5 wheel stability system which has been patented in over 30 countries around the world.

Quingo Mobility Scooters Feature Highlight Agility

The second short video in our “Feature Highlight” series focuses on the agility and manoeuvrability advantages of Quingo scooters and how these features benefit our customers.

Quingo Toura 2 Snow

Quingo’s answer to The Stig demonstrating just how stable the Toura 2 is in the snow.

Quingo Family Album

Every day people like you join the Quingo family with a free home demonstration. Why not find out for yourself about the Quingo 5 Wheel Advantage.

Quingo 5 Wheels In The Snow

Quingo 5 wheel scooters offer safe, comfortable mobility all year round in good and bad weather but they also perform fantastically well in cold, icy and snowy conditions as you’ll see in this short film.

Quingo Vitess On Emmerdale

Sandy has leant out his Quingo.

Looking For The Safest Mobility Scooter

If you’re looking for a mobility scooter, this video is for you. It includes the latest information on how to get the safest 5 wheel models on a new contract hire scheme which includes insurance, roadside recovery, servicing & maintenance, call outs & repairs and all consumables from just £22 per week.

Happy Quingo Customer

This video was sent in from a happy customer. You’ll see the steep approach to the customers house, and her walker hanging on the back bracket of the scooter.

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