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Wing Commander Ken Watson talks about the Air we loaned him and Air 2 they bought!

We were very happy to be able to help Wing Commander Ken Watson with there loan of a scooter.

First, may I thank you for arranging the loan of a Quingo Air to enable Helen and myself to attend the Shoreham Air Show last month.

As you know I flew the Vulcan and we were hoping to be able to wave a fond farewell to the soon-to-be retired aircraft. It was due to display immediately after the Hunter which unfortunately crashed. This was only some 300 metres from us.

However, the Quingo Air had already served its primary purpose in allowing me to tour the large display area. This was sited on a typical lump of grass airfield with plenty of bumps, dents and not a few holes. The Quingo Air coped admirably with all surfaces, gave a stable and comfortable ride and was very agile evading the inevitable hazards (mainly people!). It was certainly a good test which it passed with flying colours.

Air 2 at Stow

You may know that we took delivery of our Quingo Air 2 a few days later. A couple of days ago we took it to Stowe (National Trust) and spent about three hours touring the gardens and parkland. There are no paved areas just stony, lumpy paths with holes, inclines and declines (some with adverse camber).

The Air 2 behaved admirably throughout; it was comfortable, stable and exceptionally manoevrable. It was also admired by a number of people. In sum, it reinforced the decision to go for a Quingo Air 2. I attach photos which may be of interest.

Stowe Lakeside Air 2

Thanks again, Steve.

Best wishes

Ken Watson Wing Commander RAF (retired)