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Well done Stephen!

We were very grateful when we received the following email from Julie Bennett and would like to thank her for taking the time to inform us of what happened.


Would like to compliment one of your employees who helped my 86 year old mother yesterday.

Outside ASDA on Rochdale Road her walker broke and spilled her shopping out all over the road.

Not only did the Quingo young man help pick up her shopping and get her safely off the road. He parked his van and walked her home which is about 25 minutes away at my mums pace.

Unfortunately I wasn’t in when this happened but would like to send him my biggest thanks for his efforts yesterday.

She can’t remember his name but thinks it was either Simon or Stephen.

If you could pass this on I would be ever so grateful.



Stephen Owens didn’t mention this to anyone here, thinking of it as “just part of his day”,  as he said “Anyone would have done the same”. This is the first we heard of it and we are absolutely delighted by his actions.

A hearty “Well Done!” from all of your colleagues at Quingo!