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The Q-Cam Rear View Camera and Display System


A first for mobility scooters, the Q-Cam allows you to enjoy hugely enhanced vision at all times and in all conditions, no matter which way you are heading!

You will benefit from full, unhindered vision, allowing you to see obstacles that are behind you such as pets, children & other pedestrians even when they are hidden by your mirror’s blind spots. The rear, centre mounted camera gives you a 120 degree field of vision eliminating the crucial blind spot allowing you to see everything behind you.


Stiff Neck?

Some scooter owners may suffer from joint stiffness and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. This can make a second check, such as looking behind you, more difficult or even impossible. The Q-Cam allows you to see any hidden objects at a glance and means you no longer need to turn your head to the rear to see what is behind you, meaning you can avoid a pain in your neck!

Better Sight, Even In Low Light

We can all have difficulties seeing clearly in poor light. The Q-Cam has great visibility in these conditions and allows you to see things clearly without difficulty and reveals any unseen hazards lurking in the shadows. The Q-Cam is available as an option on Quingo Vitess 1 & 2 and Quingo Toura 1 & 2 and can be fitted by our engineers at the point of order or retrofitted to your existing scooter. If you think this would be of benefit to you please ask when you order your new scooter or call our customers services on 01582 430 900 if you would like to arrange fitment to a scooter you already own.