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The NEW Air 2 is here!

The Quingo Air 2 is as simple as ever to transport and easily dismantles into the boot of even small cars in less than 60 seconds.
It’s heaviest component is just 26.8kg and can be wheeled along with it’s own carry handle. Dismantling and assembly is both practical and quick and customers love the combination of performance, comfort and portability.

Quingo Air 2 Mobility Scooter

New features include:  

Extended Range Option Giving up to up to 18 miles on a single charge!

Off Vehicle Charging Option
 You can use your Air 2 with its onboard batteries while you charge the extended range batteries remotely!

All New Dash Layout 

New High Security Ignition System

New Improved Throttle Action

Anti-Slip Adaptive-Footplates

New Armrest Adjust

Quingo Air 2 Mobility Scooter Dismantled

All in all the new Quingo Air 2 is an unbeatable combination of safety benefits, performance, style and now offering even better value. Get full specification and pricing details, call 0800 085 7555 or