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Spotlight on the Air 2 Mobility Scooter

As the world’s only manufacturers of 5 wheel scooters, Quingo is committed to creating market leading products for their customers.

With a total of 6 models of scooter in the Quingo 5 wheel range, our  range of mobility scooters means that there is a scooter for every need.

Unlike traditional 3 or 4 wheel scooters, every Quingo scooter comes with the same core benefits and advantages of stability, agility, safety and comfort, we call this the 5 wheel advantage.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Air 2.

With its white livery it really stands apart from other scooters, with many saying it reminds them of the moon buggy.

Quingo Air 2 Mobility Scooter

It’s marvellous; I am very happy with it. Friends say it looks a bit like a moon buggy!” Mrs Wildey – Poringland

A Class 2, 4mph scooter the Air 2 is  smallest and least expensive scooter in our range the Air 2 is a take apart transportable personal mobility solution and is for pavement use only.

Though it is not a fold up scooter it comes apart quickly and simply in to easy lift components, the heaviest weighing just 26.8kg, and can be stowed in the boot of most cars and in most cases still leave ample storage space!

“It’s brilliant; simply brilliant! Whoever thought of it is a genius. It’s easy to take out of the car, put together and bingo! Off I go. I am really chuffed with your company.” Mr Richards – Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh

Once you arrive at your destination you simply reassemble you scooter and you have a range of up to 10 miles, as well as a good sized, removable, basket  for any shopping, and with the Range Extender Pack this is boosted to up to 18 miles. The Extender pack also offers the option of off-vehicle charging which even allows you to use the scooter while it is on charge, the Air 2 even features regenerative braking!

“I am getting on very, very well with my scooter and it’s making a phenomenal difference. I live 3 miles out of Town and with the extra battery box on board, I have no concerns about getting into Town and back. I had a 4 wheeled scooter before and the steadiness of my Quingo is fantastic; it gives me a far better feeling of security than my old machine. “ Mr Lewis- Pembury

Of course we haven’t skimped on the safety or comfort of our smallest scooter the same features you expect from our larger models are all here.

The Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System and active ,self-centering, steering system are present meaning climbing kerbs is a doddle. The 5 wheel configuration makes for a fantastic turning circle giving access to tighter spaces than previously possible on many scooters.

“I like it very much and I’m very happy. I had another scooter before I got my Quingo and I always felt it was very clumsy for getting into shops and other places. My Air turns so quickly and getting into shops is now much easier.” Ms Stewart – Larbert

Quintell™ Kerbmaster Powered Anti-Grounding and Anti Tipping makes getting stuck dismounting pavements a thing of the past.


Adaptive Anti-Slip Footplates make for better comfort and also allow for up to 80% more foot room compared to a comparable 4 wheeled scooter meaning those with stiff joints and greater height will really appreciate the benefits.

The Air 2 offers the best in performance, practicality, comfort and portability. Further to the other ergonomic advantages the seat has adjustable armrests making for even greater comfort for you.

“It’s absolutely perfect! It goes further, travels better and is more comfortable than my previous scooter. I am thrilled to bits with it and I will happily recommend you.” Mr Olliver – East Preston, Littlehampton

The Quingo Air 2 offers versatility not found in traditional scooters with its amazing handling, superior safety and comfort all in a single mobility scooter; in independent research, the 5 wheel Quingo has been proven to be more manoeuvrable than any other 4 wheel scooter of comparable length, giving you the ability to negotiate once difficult areas easily, comfort and genuine peace of mind.

All in all the Quingo Air 2 is an unbeatable combination of safety benefits, performance, style and offers superb value. Get full specification and pricing details, call 0800 731 3376

You can buy and configure your Air 2 HERE or call us free on o808 100 65 70 to arrange a free and obligation free home demonstration and test drive

There are many accessories for your Air 2 you can find out more HERE.