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Quingo talks to Miss Luxford about how her scooter has changed her life

Quingo: First of all on behalf of Ian and the staff at Quingo we would like to thank you for your kind words from your feedback.

We really are delighted when one of our scooters makes such a difference to someone’s life. You tell us that your Quingo has “given me my life back” what are the main ways that your Quingo has enabled you to lead a full, happy life again?

Miss Luxford: I wasn’t able to walk before & I couldn’t get out of the house, I was more or less homebound and I’ve been like that for the last 10 years. It’s given me something I’ve never had!

Quingo: So you would say it has put you back in contact with your family, friends and community?

Miss Luxford: I can go and see my family now which I couldn’t do before they would always have to come to me and it wasn’t fair on them because they’ve got kids as well. It’s nice now that I can go to see them once a week on my scooter, which is great.

Quingo: Has it allowed you to be you less reliant on others for simple day to day tasks such as shopping?

Miss Luxford: It’s much better. I had people waiting on me hand and foot before and now I can actually do it myself!

Quingo: Has your scooter allowed to visit somewhere you thought you would never be able to?

Miss Luxford: Just basically to my daughter’s and back, she lives quite a way from me and it’s just nice to go there and see her and come back without any worries.

Quingo: With your permission I would like to ask you about the health issues you have experienced that a Quingo has helped you overcome.

Miss Luxford: Well because I’m riddled with arthritis and I have Osteo as well, which is all my joints, I’m in pain constantly every single day, there is not one day that I don’t have any pain, so some days my legs work some they don’t, with the scooter I can get around even if my legs are hurting, it makes a big difference.

Quingo: Many scooters offer little or no adjustments leaving users with bad posture which can lead to discomfort or possibly even ill health. Considering your special requirements the ability to have your Quingo customized to suit your needs must have been very helpful, do you find your Quingo comfortable to use and what helps the most?

Miss Luxford: It was, it really was.. it’s so comfortable it’s almost unbelievable!

Quingo: One of the key design ethics behind every Quingo is your safety, do you feel safe and secure when you are out and about on your scooter?

Miss Luxford: Yes definitely.

Quingo: At Quingo we believe in giving you all the facts, and as much time as you need, to make your mind up about which scooter is right for you. Would you say your mobility advisor was helpful, informative and sensitive to your needs?

Miss Luxford: Definitely, yes definitely.

Quingo: Did you own or try any other scooters before you tried a Quingo? If so what made you choose the Quingo over the other scooters?

Miss Luxford: I have tried a couple but without success. The Quingo just seems to meet all my requirements.

Quingo: Finally would you recommend Quingo to a friend, or family member, who are looking for a mobility scooter?

Miss Luxford: Definitely!

Quingo: Thank you for your time, we hope you get many years of happy use from your Quingo.