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Quingo Mobility Scooters, Enabling You

Our mission is to enable people to lead fulfilled and happy lives, regaining their independence and freedom through the use of technology.

Quingo Flyte

To be fully enabled you must be able to fully trust the vehicle you are using, knowing that it is safe, reliable and comfortable at all times allows you to just get on with your life. To this end Quingo scooters have a no-compromise approach to stabililty, agility and safety while offering as much comfort as we possibly can. This is achieved by using a variety of world wide patented technologies you will only find on the 5 wheel Quingo range.

Self Loading Flyte

A great example of how a scooter can assist you to surmount any limitations your health may bring can be found in Mari Durward-Akhurst.

Mari refused to allow her condition to define her life. Despite suffering from Cerebral Palsy with Increased Ataxia she has worked hard to become a leading competitor in Para Dressage. We first met Mari a few years ago now and were so impressed with her determination that we decided to loan her a Quingo Air scooter to assist her getting around and about at events and at the stables.

We were delighted to recently upgrade Mari to a Quingo Flyte with its unique self-loading docking station to make her day to day use of the scooter even easier. We also included the range extender pack to make sure she can get around the events without any worries of running low on charge!

While we wouldn’t suggest that Para Dressage is right for everyone we do know a scooter can enable allow you to once again to be independent to do those vital things in life such as visiting a supermarket without having to be reliant on others, go for a browse round your town centre, take in a museum or a show. It can also open up a lifeline to keep you in touch with family friends and your local community.