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Quingo at the Mobility Roadshow 2016

Discover Quingo’s winning stability, agility and comfort formula at the home of British Racing.

This year’s Mobility Roadshow is going to be different. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to test-drive the very latest, most advanced 5 wheel Quingo Mobility Scooter range at Northampton’s famous Silverstone Circuit.

Mobility Roadshow 2016

Our entire range will be there, including the very latest Quingo Vitess 2 and our flagship Quingo Toura 2. So will our latest accessories, including the all new Q-Cam Rear View Camera and Display that eliminates the blind spot between wing mirrors and is a game changer for anyone suffering from a stiff neck.

Visiting the show is by far the best way to experience for yourself why no other mobility scooter range offers more stability, more agility, more comfort.

We are known for our deep seated commitment to the safety and well being of our customers, which is why from the very start, Quingo’s designers took an innovative approach to scooter design, producing previously unimagined solutions to common and frequently encountered failings on traditional scooters. Quingo are the only 5 wheel scooter range in the world enabling their users to safely perform many manoeuvres simply not possible on any other scooter range.

Unique features like Tri-wheel steering that combine unbeatable agility in tight spaces with superb stability when cornering or traversing slopes.

Unbeatable kerb handling features such as being able to ascend or descend kerbs at angles of up to 45 degrees and the revolutionary KerbMaster™ system that eliminates the possibility of anti-tip wheels being beached on high kerbs.

But we don’t stand still, we constantly invest in research & development, leveraging new technologies in order to enhance our products and the experience they bring to customers.

The Quingo design team’s ingenious approach to solving personal mobility issues is perhaps best represented by the award-winning, self-loading Quingo Flyte which, using its docking station, allows owners to load and unload a high performance portable 5 wheel scooter from the boot of most hatchbacks and SUVs without any heavy lifting or dismantling and in under 60 seconds!

In total there are 6 models to choose from, including those we’ve mentioned plus additional take-part portables, long-range road-legal models and many with all weather canopy options. All will be available for you to try at the show.

Come and see us at Silverstone in Hall 3 on stand 83-84, 26th-28th May 2016 and find out for yourself why Quingo is leading the way in safer 5 wheel mobility.