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Quingo loan scooters for Maggie’s Culture Crawl

Here at Quingo we love to support charities and good causes and this is why we are loaning two Quingo Vitess mobility scooters for use in the Maggie’s Culture Crawl Oxford walk.

Maggie's Culture Crawl

Maggie’s are a charity that offer support to cancer sufferers and their families. Help is available in their centres from Cancer Support Specialists, Benefits Advisors, Nutritionists, Therapists and Psychologists giving the support that best meets their needs.

The night walks raise vital money to help keep the centres running and are great fun taking you to fantastic locations, discovering cultural, architectural and artistic delights and there is delicious food to savour as well. Along the way you will also have exclusive access to some of the most amazing buildings in the cities.

There are walks in several major cities if you would like to join in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Oxford, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Swansea or Liverpool. You can register to join a walk near you and raise much needed funds here.

Maggie's Culture Crawl