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Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

Quingo Flyte

Quingo Flyte Mobility ScooterQuingo Flyte Mobility ScooterQuingo Flyte Mobility ScooterQuingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

The Self-loading portable and perfect solution for those who struggle with lifting. Ideal indoors or out and loads into most hatchbacks/SUVs in under 60 seconds. The flyte just got even better with the lighter (the heaviest component weighs only 8.9kg), easier to fit & more flexible all new MK2 docking station solution from most hatchbacks and SUVs with the SUV adaptor kit. Quingo Flyte Quingo Flyte All 5 wheel Quingos come with safety as standard The unique 5 wheel stability system on all Quingo mobility scooters provide the excellent posture and driving position of a 3 wheel scooter with the stability and safer cornering dynamics of 4 wheel scooters. Along with the best possible anatomical driving position all Quingo mobility scooters also benefit from a staggering 80% more foot area than in a comparable length four wheel vehicle. In addition Quintell™ Adaptive foot-plates offer independent adjustment in multiple planes to ensure the most natural, ergonomic and comfortable ride.

Type 5 wheel PMV*
Class Class 2
Intended use Pavement
Maximum speed 4mph
Carrying capacity 159kg/25st
Electric motor 250 Watt
Maximum range 23 miles**
Battery configuration 4 x 22Ah
Max range with Extender Pack 34 miles***
Battery configuration 6 x 22Ah as option
Kerb climbing max 3″


Quintell™ 5 Wheel Stabilising System
Quintell™ Active Tri-Wheel Steering
Quintell™ Self-Centering Steering
Quintell™ Posture Control System
Quintell™ Adaptive Floating Footplates
Quintell™ Kerbmaster Powered Anti-Grounding
Quintell Kerbmaster™ Anti-Tipping
Quintell™ Shock Absorbing Smartbumper
Digital Dash & Finger Touch Controls
In car Docking Station System
Easy two button remote control
Under seat shopping basket
Full lighting pack inc rear braking lights
Under seat shopping basket
Full lighting pack inc rear braking lights


Contract hire

It’s now easier than ever to stay independent and keep in touch with Quingo’s new, all inclusive contract hire plan. Quingo Flyte From as little as £22 a week you can get great value, stress free mobility which includes:  A brand new 5 wheel Quingo Service, maintenance & all repairs, including any call outs. A comprehensive insurance package with features including: Accidental damage cover, fire & flood damage cover, loss or damage from theft, no excess, public liability cover of up to £2 million, personal injury benefit up to £2000 & cover for expenses to get you home following an accident! Fast roadside recovery 24/7/365 days a year Tyre and battery cover (up to 2 sets) A fixed monthly cost that will never increase during your hire period. Best of all you get the peace of mind that having a safe, stable and comfortable scooter with a fixed cost brings!  The Contract hire plan offers you the full range, from portable to road going, long range models at fixed prices, so you can find the scooter to meet your needs and budget and have the peace of mind of knowing you can afford it.It has never been simpler to get the 5 wheel advantage of enhanced stability, unequalled agility in its class and full ergonomic posture control providing superior comfort even on longer journeys. 

Flyte and Docking Station  
Contract Period 2 years 3 years
Advance Payment £475 £475
4 Weekly Rental Payment £202.34 £153.94
Number of 4 Weekly Rental Payments 25 38
Weekly Equivalent £50.59 £38.48
Daily Equivalent £6.90 £5.32

All Quingo Mobility Scooters are available on the Contract Hire Plan provided and managed by First Senior Finance Ltd. All Insurance products are provided by First Senior Insurance Services Ltd. Both companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Contract Hire Plan provides a brand new Quingo Scooter and includes Maintenance/Insurance/Consumables/Roadside Recovery subject to T&C’s, full details available on request. You will not own the scooter at the end of the plan. *Example given is for the Quingo Flyte and Docking Station on Contract Hire Scheme at £39.45 per week over 156 weeks. With an initial advance payment of £575 Subject to Status and T&C’s Forever Active is a trading name of Advantage Marketing Corporation Ltd (AMC). AMC is an appointed representative of First Senior and is a Company Incorporated and Registered in England and Wales, Company number 3449882, whose registered office is Sovereign Court 230, Upper Fifth Street, Central Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK9 2HRForever Active is a trading name of Advantage Marketing Corporation Ltd (AMC). AMC is an appointed representative of First Senior and is a Company Incorporated and Registered in England and Wales, Company number 3449882, whose registered office is Sovereign Court 230, Upper Fifth Street, Central Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK9 2HR

Quingo and the 5 wheel advantage • The Quingo Flyte offers the same 5 wheel enhanced stability as the rest of the Quingo mobility scooter range and without compromising on agility. It ensures a safe comfortable journey every time. • In independent research the 5 wheel Quingo mobility scooter is proven to be more manoeuvrable than any 4 wheel scooters of comparable length available today. It means safer agility in small local shops and malls or in any area where space is limited. • Adopting a healthy posture is a critical element when selecting any mobility vehicle. The Quingo Flyte offers adaptive footplates and full ergonomic posture control, providing superior comfort even on longer journeys and means less tension for back, hips, knees and ankle joints. • Kerbs are an unavoidable menace to any scooter rider. Only the Quingo 5 wheel system offers the ability to climb and descend kerbs at angles. In addition Quingo Flyte Kerbmaster prevents tipping and eliminates beaching.The Quingo Flyte comes with its advanced 5 wheel stability system, a multitude of additional features and benefits, its own dedicated docking station, a full 3 year warranty, free fitting and delivery in mainland UK and as much tuition as required, all for just £4995.00.
First Senior Insurance, Warranty and Recovery There are many ways you can enjoy the benefits of Quingo including taking advantage of our Easy Payment Plan. This plan covers the cost of purchase, insurance, warranty and roadside recovery for the term of the plan with a fixed monthly payment, minimal deposit and up to 3 years to pay. The plan is provided by the UK’s leading finance provider in the mobility market – First Senior Finance Ltd. We always recommend taking out Insurance in line with advice from the Department for Transport. It provides protection for you and your Quingo Flyte in the event of accident, theft and even vandalism. In addition, public liability which protects the insured from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims, avoiding expensive personal compensation payouts. First Senior Insurance benefits include: • Accidental Damage Cover • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft. • 45 Day world-wide cover. • ‘Get-you-home’ expenses following an accident. • 60% of the replacement value during the first 3 years, assuming the product is new.
Quingo v Competitors Comparison Guide The great news is that all the additional features and benefits that Quingo bring, such as the vastly improved stability, the posture assesment and configuration, plus all the extra safety features and the comprehensive 3 year warranty don’t cost any more than standard scooters. Click the ‘turning circle’ comparison button to see how Quingo 5 wheel mobility scooter perform against tradtional 3 and 4 wheel scooter for agility. TURNING CIRCLE COMPARISON

Help with finance Help with finance The Quingo Flyte is available on a selection of easy payments including interest free options subject to status. Quingo Flyte £4995 with 2yrs insurance at £150. Example finance deal: Total Price £5145 deposit payable £2796 balance to finance £2376. *£99 per month over 24 months 0% APR interest free *subject to status ALSO ASK ABOUT OUR OTHER FLEXIBLE EASY PAYMENT PLANS
Safer Mobility Safer Mobility We only want you to enjoy the benefits of Quingo if you are safe and able to do so and to ensure this, the Blue Diamond Driver Check is a free ROSPA compliant safety assessment that demonstrates you meet the required standards laid down by the assessment.
Guided test-drive Guided test-drive Testing Quingo for yourself, on your roads and pavements is essential. Our highly regarded test-drive service also confirms that you have suitable storage and charging points, as well as identifying which model is best suited to you.

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Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter
Mrs Brocklebank – Rotherham
I love my Flyte and all the neighbours watch and laugh when I go out with my Jack Russell running behind. She is 12 years old now and when she gets tired she sits down and I let her ride in the footplate area. She loves it. It is seriously making a massive difference to me. At Christmas time I was able to spend time with my grandchildren and we were able to go up and down the seafront. I am really pleasantly surprised at the difference it is making to my life. To be honest, I was a little naïve when I went into this (buying a mobility scooter) and although I signed up quite happily, I started to worry that it was a lot of money. However my concerns were ill-founded and I have to say the scooter and docking station is worth every penny. I would recommend it to anybody.

Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter

Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter
Mr Standen – Hastings
David absolutely loves the scooter; it’s given him his independence back. It is wonderful for him just to be able to get out of the house again and do things by himself for the first time in a long time. It’s perfect!

Quingo Plus Mobility Scooter

Quingo Plus Mobility Scooter
Mrs Miller – Burgess Hill
Oh, I’m getting on very well with my scooter and it’s making a big difference for me. I can get out and about now when I want to; even if it’s just going into Town. Before I got it I couldn’t even get out of my flat.