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How a Quingo can combat loneliness, the silent killer

At Quingo we very often hear from our happy customers that their scooters have allowed them to reconnect with their family, friends and rejoin society in general, and just how much this has had a positive impact on their lives.

It is a fact that many people experience loneliness in their lives due to decreased mobility and up to three-quarters of GPs say that up to five of the patients they see every day are there due to feeling lonely.

Recent research has found that loneliness can be as bad for your health as smoking or being overweight and is also linked to cardiovascular health risks, such as increased blood pressure, poor diet, heavy drinking, signs of ageing, increased risk of dementia, depression and even re-hospitalisation after an illness. Feelings of loneliness are thought to increase the likelihood of an early death by up to 26%.

The Campaign to End Loneliness recently commissioned research that highlighted the things people miss most when they find themselves alone.

Most of these things are very simple: ‘sitting with someone’ (52%) and ‘sharing a laugh with someone’ (51%). Everyday moments that could easily be restored to the daily lives of those experiencing loneliness.

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We thought we would share some of the thoughts that Quingo owners have shared with us:

Mrs Angell – “It’s great; absolutely lovely! Before I got my scooter, I hadn’t been out of my house for 5 months and I wouldn’t like to be without it now.”

Mrs Francis – “My scooter is lovely thank you very much. It’s made such a difference to me as I am able to go out and about so much more and go to the park with my grand kids.”

Miss Wall – “You won’t believe the difference it has made! It’s absolutely brilliant. I am out on it every day and I just love it. I am so glad I bought it.”

Mrs Waterhouse – “I am getting along quite well. It is so nice to be able to go out and meet people again.”

Mr Horn – “Everything is fine. The scooter comes apart easily and fits nicely in my car which is what I wanted. It is lovely to be able to go out again with my family.”

Ms McKissock – “It’s wonderful! I’ve rejoined society. I have been able to go to the cinema and to museums; It’s great.”

Mr Turner – “I have named my scooter “The Spirit of Freedom” because it has transformed my life. I am really happy and pleased with it.”

Miss Savage – “It gets me around; I use it to get to my local supermarket.”

Mr Pryke – Mr Pryke’s sister-in-law said “He loves it. He goes off to Town and thoroughly enjoys himself.”

Mr Hammond – “I am getting on very, very well with my Flyte. I have managed to take it to two country shows and it coped brilliantly.”

Mr Allen – “It’s absolutely brilliant! I am dead chuffed with my scooter and I have seen so many places I could not see before.”

Mr Lewis – “I am very, very pleased with my scooter. It’s doing just the job I wanted and probably more. It’s getting me out and about again.”

Mrs Jones – “I love it! My scooter has given me a new lease of life and having it means I can get out and about without being in such terrible pain. I’ve always been independent and my Quingo has given me my independence back. I am so pleased I saw your advert. Thank you for being Quingo and thank you for letting me have a Quingo.”

Mr Stepney – “The scooter is fine. I’ve got COPD and before getting the scooter I simply couldn’t go out. But now I can easily get to the shops; in fact I’ve just got back now.”

Mr Parker C – “I’m very pleased with it thanks. No problems at all and it’s given me some of my independence back.  I can now get out and about locally without relying on anyone to drive me and it’s much easier to get on and off than a car.”

Mr Boulter – “It’s lovely; I am over the moon with my scooter! I can get out of my house again.”

Mrs Naish – “I am thrilled to bits with my Flyte. It is making such a change to my life and has given me back my independence. It’s absolutely fabulous! I will recommend you to everyone.”

Mr Cowburn – “The scooter is very nice and I enjoy being able to get around. I can still drive but I can only walk about 100 yards before I become breathless so using the scooter has really opened up the world again for me.”