Mobile Scooters for Disabled Users

When shopping for mobile scooters for disabled people there are many factors you should consider when choosing an appropriate vehicle for the intended user.

Mobile scooters for disabled people come in many shapes and sizes and cover a wide range of intended uses and each type will suit every personal need better than another.

The first thing you should consider is what you think you will mostly use the scooter for.

Keeping mobile with a scooter when disabled

The most common activity most undertake will be shopping. All of our scooters benefit from our Quintell™ Tri-wheel steering which offers exceptional manoeuvrability making negotiating even narrow aisles in smaller shops and convenience stores a breeze.

Now you need to consider if you will be traveling further and may need to use the road

Class 2 – 4mph pavement only scooters

Do you want to transport the scooter in a car?

We offer 2 mobile scooters for disabled people that are designed specifically to be portable and transported in cars.

The first is our take-apart, exceptionally lightweight, Ultra. With its aluminium chassis and super light ABS bodywork the Ultra fits in all but the very smallest of car boots and the ability to take it apart means that each component is easy to lift, removing the need for a boot hoist.

If you have trouble lifting, and own a hatchback or SUV, then we have a solution that no other mobile scooters for disabled people can come even close to matching.

Our self-loading Flyte has the ability to load and unload itself, in and out of your car, in under sixty seconds. This is achieved with absolutely no heavy lifting on your part and merely requires you to press one of two buttons!

Will you want to be using your scooter for local trips where you want a good range but only wish to travel on pavements and other paved areas. Then our Classic model will be the scooter that will fulfil your needs.

Class 3 – 8mph Road Legal Scooters

Have you lost access to a vehicle either voluntarily or through losing your entitlement to drive?

The loss of your independence can really have a detrimental impact on your life, with tasks such as shopping that we take for granted become difficult to arrange, often leading to you feeling you are a burden on others.

If this is the case, you may want to regain the freedom your vehicle used to give you with one of our car replacement scooters.

We offer three models that can legally be used on the public highway and which can be restricted to 4mph operation for use in pedestrianised areas.

Our entry level class 3 scooter is the Plus, though it certainly is not entry level in terms of performance or comfort. With a range of 30 miles and a powerful 400w motor the Plus can cope easily with more hilly areas.

If you are looking for an even more luxurious ride then you will find our Vitess2 is a stylish and versatile high-performance scooter and is one of our best-selling models.

Finally, our range topping Toura2 model is the last word in luxury, long range scooter travel. With up to 55 miles ange at your fingertips you really will be going further and doing more with your scooter.

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