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Maybe Santa should get a Quingo!

Your Quingo mobility scooter is the ideal way to get out and about to do a spot of Christmas shopping.

With its manoeuvrability it is perfect for getting down those aisles in the shops and, with the potential of slippery surfaces, you will appreciate the safety and stability that a Quingo brings.

You will find yourself comfortable and fresh at the end of your shopping spree and ready to enjoy time with family and friends. In addition to the usual shopping centres there are also great Christmas markets in many towns and cities, or you could consider an Xmas Fayre at local attractions such as country houses, your Quingo will make these a joy to visit, so check out your local papers for these events.

We will be running a series of posts on our partner blog Quingo Scooter Users about Christmas markets so keep an eye out for them!

There are a few things to consider in order that you, and those around you, enjoy a joyful yuletide.

Keep personal possessions safe and secure and your valuables out of sight.

Do not overload your scooter with shopping or other goods. Do not hang anything from the handlebars, such as handbags or shopping, as this could make the scooter unstable and more difficult to control.

Always be considerate towards others and be on the lookout for children who will be excited and more likely to run into your path.

Pedestrians have the right of way. If you are riding on a pavement or footpath, give way to pedestrians. The top speed allowed on a pavement or paved area is 4mph and even this may be too fast where there are pedestrians.

Further to this we know many of you like to decorate your scooters. Make sure decorations cannot get caught in any mechanisms of the vehicle and that they do not cover any safety features such as lights. Also make sure that they are not a potential tripping or tangling hazard for you using the vehicle!