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Make the Smart Choice With Quingo for Your FREE Smart TV!

Much like Quingo’s 5 wheel scooter range, Smart TVs really are state of the art pieces of kit. That’s why we’re giving our customers the best of both worlds this month and giving away a FREE 32” Smart TV with every Quingo Vitess or Toura purchase!

Quingo September Offer

Quingo September Offer

With a Smart TV, never again will you miss your favourite TV program or be behind on the day’s news and events. Smart TV’s connect to the internet which means you’ll have access to a huge range of online services and exciting apps like BBC’s iPlayer and the hugely popular film service Netflix, as well as social networks and instant messaging.

Quingo Means First Rate Customer Service

Whether you choose the Quingo Vitess or the Quingo Toura this month – you’ll benefit from Quingo’s exceptional engineering and first rate customer service.

We value what our customers have to say about our products and service which is why we’re so proud that a whopping 91% of customers stated in our satisfaction surveys that their Quingo was better or much better than their previous scooter. Not only that, but our aftercare service also received an average rating of 9/10.

Quingo Customer Ratings

Quingo Customer Ratings

Going the Extra Mile for You

Our team at Quingo are on hand for any issue or question you might have. If you’re thinking of testing either the Quingo Vitess or Quingo Toura, all you need to do is give us a quick call and we can arrange for a full guide test-drive with one of our qualified team.

Should you decide to purchase a Quingo, we can also arrange free delivery and free setup for your new mobility scooter. We shoulder all the stress, so you can just relax safe in the knowledge that our team has everything in hand.

Why Not Try the Vitess or Toura Today?

Quingo Demonstration Process

Quingo Demonstration Process`

We offer free, no obligation test drives and demonstrations of our scooters, meaning you’ve nothing to lose and no obligation to buy.

If you’d like to find out more about either the Quingo Vitess or Quingo Toura, and how you can get your free 32” Smart TV, please feel free to call us FREE on 0800 085 7555 or visit our Contact Us page and we’d be more than happy to provide you with more information on our special September offer.