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A letter from a valued customer

We love it when we hear from happy customers and were delighted to receive this letter from Mr Barber.

Dear Sirs

When I became the age of 79 I gave up driving, living on a good bus route & service, but, on reaching the age of 80, my walking was becoming more difficult, hip joint right side, gout in right foot, plus the bus service was cut, to go out required a taxi or lift from a friend. But one day I came across a leaflet on scooters, one being the 5 wheel Quingo. I made further enquiries, your representative called and I had a trial run and low and behold I decided to purchase one. The best I have ever done, freedom is back & reliability second to none. Good one Quingo 5 wheel mobility. A genuine benefit.

Yours Truly

John W Barber

We hope you great service from your scooter and continue to enjoy your regained freedom!