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Happy Quingo customers tell us about their scooters

Mr Nightingale of Vantage Point, West Bromwich – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “My scooter is brilliant! Can I just say something about your customer service? From the initial gentleman who demonstrated the scooter to me, to the engineer who came out to fix the lights, I have been treated with courtesy and politeness. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other people”

Mrs Gormley of Oundle, Peterborough – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “Oh it’s wonderful and it’s making a lot of difference! It’s a lovely scooter, very comfortable and I think it’s the Rolls Royce of scooters. Nobody around here has seen one like this before.”

Miss Wright of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “The scooter is brilliant and really good fun to drive. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I recommend you to everybody. And Mr O’Sullivan who delivered my scooter was fantastic; so kind and so helpful”

Mr Rutter of Lockbridge Way, Huddersfield – Quingo Vitess Mk2 -“It’s absolutely brilliant!. I’ve done 128 miles on it already and I am out every day. It’s changed my life!”

Mr Corke of Bristol – Quingo Air 2 – “I am thrilled with my scooter. I am very impressed with it’s kerb handling capability. My little “Rover” doesn’t hold a candle to the Quingo on kerbs!”

Mrs Jones of Birkenhead – Quingo Flyte – “I do like the scooter because of its height. When you are disabled like me, it is so important to be able to talk to other people at eye level and the Quingo enables me to do this.”

Mr Greenfell of Aigburth Vale, Liverpool  – Quingo Toura Mk2 – “The scooter is splendid and I am very pleased with it”

Mr Manaton  of Weston-super-Mare – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “It’s beautiful; very, very good! Your delivery engineer, Steve was excellent”

Mrs Baldock 0f Gainsborough, Lincolnshire – Quingo Classic – “I am getting on very well with my scooter and its making a big difference. The delivery was simply great!”

Mr Gray of Speke, Liverpool – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “The scooter’s smashing. I am the envy of the district!”

Mrs Hill of The Radleys, Birmingham – Quingo Air 2 – “It’s great! I use it to get round the supermarket and it’s making a big difference for me.”