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Quingo – keeping customers happy

One of the major advantages of working at Quingo is you get to hear how we are helping to make people’s lives better. We like to keep in contact with our customers just to make sure that our scooters and our service team are improving things for you.

From the in home demo, to delivery to servicing we ask how we are doing and if our scooters are performing well.

Here are just of the lovely comments we have had from happy customers:

Mrs Silk – Quingo Air Mk2 – “I love it; my scooter has made such a difference to my life. It goes further than the last scooter I had and I can get all the shopping I need into the basket. It’s great.”

Mrs Mouat – Quingo Classic – “I am enjoying it because it has opened up my closed world. Before I bought my Quingo, I did enquire about a scooter from another company but I have to say that they were no comparison to you. I would certainly recommend your company.”

Mr Runham – Quingo Classic – “It’s fantastic! I call my scooter my passport; It’s my passport to freedom. If I want a break from staying in the house I can now get on my scooter and go . I’ve been out on my scooter 5 times now and my battery indicator is still showing green. I just love it and I would recommend a Quingo to anybody. It’s given me a new lease of life!”

Mr Naylor W6 8HN. – Quingo Plus – “I like the scooter. I think it’s great. The turning circle is much better than my old 4-wheeler and I go out on it every day.”

Mrs Barnett – Quingo Flyte – “I love my scooter and your delivery engineer was brilliant; so polite and very professional. There will always be a cup of coffee here for him.” Vehicle: Vauxhall Corsa

Mrs Leadbetter – Quingo Air Mk2 – “The scooter is brilliant. I recently took it on holiday to Gt Yarmouth and was able to use it every day. I am certainly more confident on my Quingo than my previous scooter and it’s ticking all the right boxes. It’s giving me a new lease of life.”

Mrs Hart – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “It’s absolutely fantastic. The scooter is making such a difference to the both of us as it is giving us more independence. And we can get to the doctor without having to use taxis every time.”

Mr Barnes – Quingo Vitess Mk2 – “It’s a huge improvement on my old scooter! Locally there are many potholes with Gas mains being done but with the suspension on the scooter, it’s no problem.”

Mr O’Connell – Quingo Plus – “Oh, it’s fantastic! The scooter has given me a new lease of life. I am so, so pleased with it and it really has given me back my independence.”

Mrs Nelson – Quingo Air Mk2 – “It’s lovely thank you and it’s really making a difference. It’s making my life a lot easier and my son-in-law can also get it into his van meaning I can go further afield. I would recommend you to anybody and if you send me your card I will happily pin it on the noticeboard in the complex where I live.”