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Enjoying the Summer Safely

With summer getting in to full swing the warm weather draws us to the great outdoors and a Quingo is ideal for those outings with family and friends that make life a joy. The fresh air is wonderful and the warmth and light lift our spirits.

Quingo Summer

Using a Quingo will help reduce the amount you exert yourself but the hot weather can bring with it the risk of overheating, particularly as we get on in years.
Hyperthermia is the generic name applied to an assortment of heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke (which is especially dangerous and needs immediate medical assistance).
Hyperthermia can be a problem at much lower temperatures than many expect and you can be at risk of suffering a heat related illness due to your general health or lifestyle.

Things that may contribute to the risk of heat related illness are:

Consuming alcoholic drinks, as this can contribute to dehydration and effects judgment making you less likely to notice the onset of heat related illness.
As we get older as well our circulation becomes poorer, our sweat glands are less efficient and our skin itself changes, all of which make it more difficult to keep cool.
In addition to this many medications can inhibit perspiration such as certain heart and blood pressure drugs, sedatives and tranquilizers and diuretics. However it is vital that you keep up your medications so a consultation with your Doctor may be a sound move.
High blood pressure will also mean you may have a specific diet and those on salt restricted diets may be at risk so consult your GP.
Heart, lung and kidney diseases are also likely to cause issues in the heat so take extra care if you suffer from any of these.
If you are overweight you will also find it more difficult to keep cool so take this in to account.

It may seem like going out and enjoying the hot weather is a bad idea, but the benefits far outweigh any potential dangers as long as you adhere a few very simple rules.
Planning is key to enjoying the hot weather without risk.

Make sure your scooter is fully charged.
Before any trip out ensure you have a good idea of what the weather is going to be like.
Make sure you are dressed in the right kind of clothes, in hot weather natural fabrics like cotton are best and light and white colours will reflect the heat. If it is likely there will be thunderstorms then a brolly or a light cagoule may be a wise addition.
Try to visit places in off-peak hours to avoid large crowds that can lead to overheating.
Plan your trip so that there is somewhere close at hand where you can get cool if you need to such as a shopping mall.
Try to keep in the shade, you could carry a sunshade or parasol or wear a hat.
Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, so carry some water with you at all times, sugary drinks will not be as effective.
If you are going on your own make sure if you have a mobile phone you have added an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number and make sure it is fully charged. If you don’t have a mobile phone carry a small book with a contact in the front pages named ICE. This contact should be someone such as your next of kin or a close friend or neighbour that you would like the emergency services to contact in the event of an emergency.

What should symptoms you look out for?

The key things to look out for are headache, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, muscle cramps, a rapid pulse and cold and clammy skin can also be indicators. If you are not sure then seek medical assistance immediately.