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5 Wheels – The Quingo Advantage

At one point in time you could only buy 3 wheeled scooters with very simple designs. The upside was they were short, light and manoeuvrable, making them great in tight spaces, but the problem was, and remains, that they can be dangerously unstable on anything other than the most even surfaces leaving the scooter rider open to potentially serious injury through tipping. This instability could seriously impair the users confidence, and therefore enjoyment, of the scooter.

The solution was of course to build scooters with 4 wheels and, while this addressed the stability issues experienced with 3 wheeled scooters, it created a new set of problems. By adding the extra wheel the leg space available was severely restricted leading to poor posture and therefore discomfort on even relatively short journeys. In addition to this the extra wheel meant the scooters got longer making for a larger turning circle, which restricted maneuverability and also made for poor weight distribution introducing another source of instability.

Traditional engineering would have accepted these problems and you would have to choose what was more important to you, agility or stability and safety. However Advanced Vehicle Concepts (AVC) recognized these issues and came up with a innovative solution in the world’s first true 5 wheel scooters featuring Quintell™ technologies.

Enhanced Stability

The 5 wheel concept brings genuine stability and safety benefits with Quingo scooters being able, thanks to their unique Tri-Wheel Steering system, to mount kerbs at anything up to a 45° angle, something other scooters just cannot do, all this while maintaining agility that is comparable to many three wheel scooters, with a turning circle of as little as just 107cm. With the addition of Quintell™ Kerbmaster Powered Anti-Grounding and Anti-Tipping we believe we offer a range of the very safest scooters on the market today.

Thanks to their 5 wheel design all Quingos benefit from a staggering 80% more foot area than a comparable length four wheel vehicle and with our ergonic posture control and Quintell™ adaptive footplates this combines to bring greater comfort, even on longer outings.

Since the first Quingo was launched in 2007 AVC have continued to push the boundaries of scooter technology and with the introduction of the world’s first self loading potable 5 wheel scooter, the Quingo Flyte, taking your scooter anywhere your hatchback or SUV can go is now an absolute breeze.